Lawsuit to stop illegal IBT website content continues

Request for immediate injunctive relief withdrawn

On March 28, Republic Airways filed a complaint in federal court seeking court assistance in stopping IBT Local 357 from continuing certain content in their website. We did so because we believed the primary purpose of the website is to damage our reputation and irreparably harm our ability to recruit qualified pilots.

We have since seen increased success in our pilot recruiting efforts, most likely a result of the AmericanEagle and Pinnacle bankruptcies, and  now have enough pilot candidates to meet our current needs. For that reason, last week, we withdrew our request that the court issue a preliminary injunction.

“While we believe that ninety five percent of what the IBT has posted falls within the legal boundaries of free speech, it is the other five percent that we feel crosses the line and is intended to deter a candidate from seeking employment with our company” said COO Wayne Heller. “Because of this, we are continuing on with our lawsuit asking the court to order the IBT to eliminate the damaging portions of their website. We look forward to our day in court and presenting the facts and merits of the case.”

The IBT is proceeding with their motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

Click here to read our withdrawal request